The Cycle: Frontier

The Cycle: Frontier All Quest Guides At One Place

ICA, Korolev, Osiris, all grouped up together.

We want to raise awareness for our dedication to The Cycle: Frontier Guides, which have seemingly been off the radar for many players. Not that we would like to discourage you from following other sources, no, but we just wanted to help in a way before everyone else could. Therefore, throughout The Cycle: Frontier’s Closed Beta 2, we worked on a series of guides destined to help players once the game goes live. After tons of hours invested, here we are, finally live.

As we would like to refer to, Space Tarkov is now finally live, and that is why we would like to raise awareness of our content, especially the plethora of quests or contracts that we worked on, including each and every part of theirs.

Whether it is dead drops, item locations, or other constants, we want to let you know that we have you covered.

Below, I have filtered all of the guides for each faction, linking to its counterpart or full writing.

Keep in mind that all the quest parts are included in the guides. Just make sure you click through <Parts>. I hope this finds you well. Have a great day, gamers, and see you in The Cycle!

The Cycle: Frontier Guides at one place

ICA Guides

  1. Your Civic Duty (5/5)
  2. Audiophiles Beware (3/3)
  3. Doing The Work (8/8)
  4. Toxic Love (2/2)
  5. Project Fireball (7/7)
  6. Working For The Community (3/3)
  7. Never Give Up (3/3)
  8. Private Business (3/3)
  9. The Community Needs You (3/3)
  10. Back to Basics? (8/8)
  11. An Eye For Oil (2/2)

Korolev Guides

  1. Time to Punch In (5/5)
  2. Veltecite For The Masses (1/1)
  3. Titan Hunter (2/2)
  4. What a Tool! (5/5)
  5. Good, Honest Work (9/9)
  6. Focused on Crystals (1/1)
  7. Time For More Work (4/4)
  8. A Powerful Discovery (7/7)
  9. Crafting Better Bags (2/2)
  10. Research Costs (9/9)
  11. Crush Hazard (1/1)
  12. Heavy Construction (9/9)
  13. The Test Run (1/1)

Osiris Guides

  1. Dangerous Science (5/5)
  2. Stimulating Developments (2/2)
  3. Field Research (10/10)
  4. Storm Rider (3/3)
  5. Lost Knowledge (5/5)
  6. Explosive Delivery (2/2)
  7. Laser Show (2/2)
  8. The Needs of The One (4/4)
  9. Path to Strong Medkits (3/3)
  10. Building a Better Death Ray (2/2)
  11. Satellite Master (3/3)
  12. Combat Ready (3/3)
  13. Orbital Repairs (4/4)
  14. Everything is Crystals (3/3)
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I am ANGE1K. I started playing video games a long time ago. In a blink of an eye, I became a hardcore gamer. A couple of years later, I traversed to the professional Counter-Strike 1.6 scene. After the competitive ERA, I managed to find the gaming industry amusing and started working on FGR. 8 years after founding FGR, my mission remains the same. That is to discover secrets within the gaming industry, create guides for all the games I play, and provide you with some important news. Oh, yeah, I post tons of patch notes too. At the time, I play everything that seems reasonable to play, make content about it and help gamers to the best of my abilities. P.S. Last time I counted how many hours I've spent in video games turned out to be 13+ years. And that was a long time ago too. Almost 24/7 in front of PC. If you need anything, feel free to contact me on X!

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